Best quality and highest efficiency

AVL ConsysBoost

Boost air conditioning

AVL offers two standard sizes of the AVL ConsysBoost for precise boost air conditioning with an industrial air/water heat exchanger.
Test beds in the automotive industry are relatively rough environments where I/O systems are subjected to heat, vibration, fumes and EM radiation....

A robust and reliable design

AVL Conditioning Systems

Simulate real and extreme conditions with best reproducibility

AVL Media Conditioning Systems are responsible for exact adherence of controllable parameters of the engine‘s combustion air, coolant and oil, thus...
Besides intelligent measuring technique and automation, the mechanical automation of testbeds can increase productivity by minimizing the setup and...

Qualify your engine test lab


Taking co-simulation on the engine testbed to the next level

The Virtual Vehicle Engine Testbed (VVETB) is designed to enable the engineer to observe the engine under its real cyclic behavior where at the...
The AVL CANLOAD pneumatic unit is designed for all standard applications based on butane/nitrogen or fuel vapor handling. It provides all required...
The AVL FUELLOAD refueling system is designed for mobile use for refueling procedures of vehicles or tank systems in combination with SHED ORVR...

Accuracy through innovation

AVL iCAL Emission Calibration Devices

A comprehensive range of products designed around the needs of the customer and the market

The AVL iCAL product line includes gas dividers and NOX converter testers as well as CFO (Critical Flow Orifice) and LFE (Laminar Flow Element)...

High-tech gasoline engines for current and future powertrain concepts

Combustion Development for Gasoline Passenger Cars

Developing more efficient combustion engines that still delivers high performance

The combustion engine is still at the heart of efforts to meet the steadily increasing demands for low fuel consumption together with high power.
One of the most decisive factors determining the success of any internal combustion engine is the flow quality of the intake and exhaust ports.

Focus on reliability in testing

AVL Engine TS™ Durability

Ensuring product quality with the smallest testing effort

AVL Engine TS™ Durability helps you ensure system robustness in order to reduce warranty claims when your products reach market.

Proving technology

Mechanical Development and Validation

Verification and validation from concept through to SOP

AVL offers mechanical testing for the verification and validation of engines, transmissions, exhaust gas aftertreatment and hybrid systems....