The AVL Token License System

News from AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

Do you discover the need for new simulation capabilities while in the process of developing new powertrains? The capabilities on offer may not be provided by one software tool alone, and the utilization at the beginning is rather small and fluctuating. We understand that as development progresses, you may need different applications than originally purchased. With the help of tokens, you can seamlessly shift between products and applications, making sure that you do not pay for unused applications.

Did you know that you can easily access our simulation software solutions without having to buy a feature-based license? AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies offers tokens as an annual lease floating license. Our token license system gives you full access to our major software products like AVL EXCITE™, AVL FIRE™ M and AVL CRUISE™ M. Therefore, the number of consumed tokens varies depending on the activated modules.

Besides the established solution it is very easy to test and introduce new software capabilities in your engineering portfolio. Additionally, tokens allow a highly flexible and incremental adjustment of the license pool.

Discover what tokens can do for you in the areas of Powertrain Electrification and ICE Development in the examples provided in the Download Area above.