Accurate and robust

Pressure Sensors for Test Systems

High-precision pressure measurement for all AVL testbed applications

AVL offers digital and analog pressure sensors for the measurement of pressure in liquid and gaseous media. Special hydrogen-resistant pressure sensors are available for fuel cell testing.

The CANopen driver, required for AVL´s digital pressure sensors, is included in all PUMA 2™ software solutions. This deep integration in the automation system allows easy parameterization and data acquisition in real-time and automatic zero offset compensation.

The comprehensive AVL pressure measurement portfolio includes the following products:

CANopen Pressure Sensor C-FEM-P

This is a high-end digital sensor deeply integrated into the automation system AVL PUMA 2. Data is transferred from the pressure sensor to the automation system at up to 1,000 Hz in real time.

A special hydrogen-resistant variant is available for fuel cell testing.


High Temperature CANopen Pressure Sensor HT-C-FEM-P

For applications in high temperature environments, we have made a more robust version of this sensor, specifically designed to withstand intense heat and vibration. This small-sized, lightweight sensor offers direct mounting at the pressure measurement point, eliminating any damping effects due to the absence of a measurement hose. It makes the exact recording of dynamic pressure signals possible.


Analog Pressure Sensor APT100

The APT100 boasts a small and simple design. This makes this analog pressure transducer perfectly suited for installation in the cable boom, in the wall clamps or in a false floor.


Pressure Measurement Box

The measurement box can house up to eight independent miniature CANopen pressure sensors. With sampling rates of up to 200 Hz per sensor, you can even monitor and record dynamic pressure signals.

The sensor processor features temperature compensation, linearization and digital filtering. You can also exchange each pressure sensor individually


Pressure Measurement Snap-in

Perfect for automotive engine and powertrain testing and designed to be used on pallets. It can house up to 12 miniature CANopen pressure sensors.

Key Benefits:

  • High-precision measurement over a wide temperature range
  • Greater comfort for the operator due to automatic sensor detection and automatic addressing (daisy-chain technology)
  • No hydrogen embrittlement due to special diaphragm material