An Exciting New Bearing Temperature Analysis Approach

News from Virtual ICE Development - Durability and NVH

The reliability of slider bearings, piston and piston ring to liner contacts in internal combustion engines is a vital aspect for engine durability. With the help of simulation, their behavior is significantly optimized. It depends on various aspects like the interaction of structural flexibility with the oil film, the oil flow within the gap, the surface roughness in the contact areas and the temperature conditions. AVL’s solution provides highest result accuracy combined with optimum computational efficiency by a strong numerical coupling between multi-body dynamics and elasto-hydrodynamics.

​​​​​​​The new temperature convergence acceleration in AVL EXCITE™ Power Unit is an automated multi-rate approach that couples the high dynamics heat flow between oil film and surface structure with the transient local structure heat-up calculation. It is a stable and easy-to-use solution without non-physical parameters. It efficiently combines the different time scales of temperature fluctuation in the oil film and the heat up of the structural parts. The new temperature convergence acceleration is much faster and therefore practicable in daily work due to affordable calculation time until temperature convergence