Engine Parametrization Wizard

News from AVL’s Virtual ICE Development - Performance & Emissions

Thermodynamic cycle simulation is one of the key elements in the simulation-driven development of modern internal combustion engines. With it, engineers can model and simulate different concepts, allowing them to evaluate the feasibility of project targets and the respective technical solutions.

AVL’s solution offers tailored simulation capabilities and validated methods, delivering accurate gas dynamics predictions, engine performance and tailpipe emissions. The latest software release of AVL CRUISE™ M features an Engine Model Generator and an Engine Parametrization Wizard. Together, this creates a calibrated engine model with almost no effort in a brief time. This even enables users without deep-dive thermodynamic skills to efficiently perform this important task.

The setup of high-accuracy engine thermodynamics models is suitable for HiL applications. This is key to complying with the typically tight timelines of the engine development process. Our system simulation tool AVL CRUISE™ M supports an efficient model set up with a focused and automated workflow that considers engine specification sheets, measurement data and standard user-defined names for measurement positions.