Driving accuracy

AVL FuelTron™ M.O.V.E

Fuel consumption measuring system for the heavy-duty and non-road mobile machinery industry

An increase in technical complexity as well as stricter environmental and legal requirements makes modern vehicle development a challenge. Manufacturers in the heavy-duty and Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) industry are forced to focus more and more on topics such as CO2 reduction, fuel economy optimization and real-life fuel consumption.

With AVL FuelTron™ M.O.V.E we have developed the next generation in onboard fuel consumption measuring systems.

New Horizons for Mobile Fuel Consumption Measurement

FuelTron M.O.V.E is flexible enough for use in a variety of use cases, such as chassis dynamometer applications, on/off road testing and climate chamber applications.

With the AVL PLUtron™ flow meter, the FuelTron M.O.V.E’s optimized and unique hydraulic layout allows you to conduct bi-directional flow measurements without influencing vehicle operation. This also unlocks a range of other features and capabilities, such as the possibility of testing under harsh environmental conditions. Plus, it helps you to detect even the smallest amount of fuel consumption with minimal integration effort.

Developed in collaboration with a major OEM of the heavy-duty industry, the FuelTron M.O.V.E features tried and tested operation and safety concepts, such as Unit-Under-Test (UUT) protection and smart self-diagnosis. This ensures trouble-free operation and guarantees that the measurement results are of the highest accuracy, yet requires less user effort and offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in daily operation.

Key Benefits

  • Measurement uncertainty of ≤ 0.1 % of reading at 100 Hz data rate and unique sensor resolution (with PLUtron ADVANCED inside)
  • Optimized hydraulic layout — bi-directional measurement and UUT protection capabilities
  • Direct mass flow output
  • Unique robustness and stability even under rough environmental conditions thanks to rugged design and long-term stable calibration
  • Minimized footprint and plug-and-play usability