Combining proven calibration tools

AVL Electrification Software Tools

All you need for the calibration of your electrified propulsion systems

Powertrain electrification is one of the hot topics in current automotive development, and associated technologies are becoming increasingly common on the roads. Due to the complexity of these systems, calibration, testing and optimization tasks require a large amount of effort.

To distribute these activities between virtual environments, physical testbeds and real-world testing you need innovative tools at every step. Automation, result interpretation, data management and optimization are key tasks that require dedicated solutions. At AVL we have the dedicated solutions you need.

Our AVL Team SUITE™ comprises four market-leading tools that will help you achieve a better outcome with exact, matching results. Its high levels of automation boosts collaboration, improves traceability and cuts overall timescales.

AVL CAMEO 4™ – Calibration Software


CAMEO 4 is a powerful tool that covers the whole calibration process, from data collection to XCU maps. It provides you with intelligent, DoE-based test automation, modelling and optimization. Ideal for e-drive, hybrid and fuel cell applications on the testbed, it also supports virtual powertrain layout testing and optimization in the office. Furthermore, it enables test standardization and sequencing to facilitate 24/7 test field utilization.



AVL Smart Mobile Solutions™ – In-Vehicle Applications


Our Smart Mobile Solutions offer intelligent support for the test engineer during in-vehicle testing. From planning vehicle tests in the office to assisting with driving maneuvers, it supports a wide range of your vehicle development, calibration and validation tasks. Smart Mobile Solutions are easy to use, saving you time, effort and money.



AVL CONCERTO 5™ – Data Processing Platform


Providing seamless analysis of measurement and simulation data from electrical, mechanical and chemical systems, CONCERTO 5 is a single platform for harmonization and standardization. With powerful functions for intuitive and interactive analysis of high frequency and longtime measurements, it is a vital tool for data management.



AVL CRETA 5™ - Calibration Data Lifecycle Management System


CRETA 5 offers calibration parameter management with transparent and traceable development results. Enabling simple and fast generation of frequent dataset releases, it is functional safety compliant up to ASIL D.



A New Way of Doing Things


With this ready-to-go toolkit of electrification software solutions we are providing you with a new way of doing things. Instead of manually performing exhaustive testbed measurements, for example, our tools let you analyze data from overnight test runs optimized with machine learning algorithms.

Similarly, you can evaluate and visualize the results of different settings and find the best parameters, rather than conducting lengthy trial and error testbed tests. On the test track, too, our solutions let you optimize your maneuvers, helping you hit your testing goals much faster.

These, and a wide range of other activities can all be optimized with our Team SUITE package of tools. Driving efficiency, reducing time, effort and cost, they help you deliver robust products to market quickly.