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AVL’s Virtual Battery Development

Ideal development tools for motorsports

Powertrain electrification has become increasingly important in motorsports, with batteries already in use in numerous racing series. This ranges from energy recovery systems such as the ERS of Formula 1 to traction batteries of Formula E. In the development of drive systems, this raises new questions: How should the latest cell technology be used to deliver maximum performance with minimum weight? How are the cells cooled? How does the battery affect the racing strategy?

The challenge is to find the optimal answers to these difficult questions. Difficult because battery cells behave non-linearly and therefore it is very difficult to make precise predictions. The coupling to the drivetrain and the load cases on different racetracks create complex dependencies that change as the battery ages. This cannot be mastered with conventional development methods.

AVL Solution

With our proven system simulation environment – supplemented by physical, parameterized and validated cell models from Batemo – AVL offers an ideal development tool for the motorsport industry. Thanks to this partnership, engineers can develop innovative solutions for electrified motorsports without sacrificing accuracy and speed, even if they do not have in-depth knowledge of cell chemistry.

When developing new concepts, it is crucial to be able to describe and understand the non-linear behavior and the complex interactions to make the right decisions. By using physical, parameterized and validated battery cell simulation models, everyone – from beginners to cell experts – can achieve the required accuracy goals. This ensures that the behavior of the battery cells is precisely described and that the design and strategy decisions derived from them give the team the decisive advantage in the race.

Key Features

  • High precision, validated battery cell models
  • Library with common cells in AVL CRUISE M
  • Integrated solution that covers everything from the cell level to the entire vehicle
  • Solution development independent of cell tests

The Nordschleife

With AVL CRUISE M, you can build a complete vehicle model of a racing car in a time-efficient manner and map the battery at the highest level with Batemo cells. AVL CRUISE M, coupled with AVL VSM™ RACE, the real-time solution for the precise consideration of longitudinal, transverse and vertical vehicle effects, is the perfect combination to optimize the lap time.

With comprehensive simulation series, sensitivity analyzes and evaluations, the key questions discussed above can be answered technically and within a short period of time. This allows you to improve the battery design during vehicle development and optimize the racing strategy during the season.