Battery Testing Services and Benchmarking

The testing and benchmarking of cells and battery systems is key for assessing the basis for good design and simulation work and for keeping our customers at the leading edge of the market.

An overview of AVL developed Battery Tester Units installed at AVL in multiple sites around the globe, to achieve consistent battery testing in global test runs.

AVL Approach

Battery pack testing and benchmarking
Dedicated test benches with up to 500kW and 1000V, optimized for a variety of validation tests and development testing, are available at AVL. All sizes of battery packs up to 10,000l can be tested in special walk-in, climatic chambers. Closed-loop testing with an integrated battery management system and thermal conditioning (air, liquid, R134a) of the battery pack is our strength. Specific tests with more than 200 additional measurement channels for temperature, voltage, flow rate, pressure, current (all insulated up to 1000V) are available.

Design assessment and benchmarking of battery packs of development/series vehicles with a focus on electrical and thermal performance, safety, reliability, durability, cost and electrical components is done by our experienced battery experts. Benchmark reports are available for individual customers or as shared content opportunities. These services are offered in combination with our vehicle drivability benchmarking.

An overview of AVL developed Battery Cell Tester Units installed at AVL for benchmarking, cell validation, simulation parametrization and ageing tests.

Cell testing and benchmarking

The technology improvement of energy storage systems is progressing very quickly. To keep up with latest technological advances of electrochemical energy storage devices, AVL is continuously assessing the latest developments in the field of high energy and high power cells from all global key suppliers.
Based on a dedicated test program, AVL can determine which cell technology best matches the customers' targeted application (e.g. racing, passenger cars commercial vehicles, off-road, stationary, etc. either as HEV, PHEV or EV) and how it can be ranked in the market.

AVL‘s cell testing facilities are equipped with high-tech state-of-the-art equipment. Voltage levels from 0 to 6 to 0 to 20 V allows for tests of single cells as well as 12V VRLA and lithium-ion systems for soft and mild hybrids. Currents up to 800A allow for high power and cold cranking tests for all chemistries.

AVL is prepared to test everything from basic test routines defined in standards up to complex measurements with highly instrumented tests including thermal imaging. Test stand automation is provided for by AVL's in-house developed software, in which many standardized test procedures are available for cell testing at AVL. Also, a USABC-based, standardized cell benchmark test procedure and report is offered for customers wanting a quick positioning of their (chosen) cell within the market.