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AVL Battery Management Systems

Modular battery control solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

As the push for low-emission, electrified automotive solutions intensifies, and end-users demand longer driving ranges and higher performance, vehicle battery development tasks are becoming more complex. Extended battery life, performance, high battery safety, and cost are key factors driving customer choice.

To meet these challenges, battery management systems (BMS) are needed that cover everything from small to large batteries and a wide array of applications. At AVL we have these solutions.

​​​​​​​A BMS is essential to enable a battery to operate safely and efficiently. Our BMS development solutions are modular and flexible, offering maximum efficiency in a range of designs and integrations tailored to your needs. Featuring a centralized or decentralized hardware topology, our solutions are geared for performance and robustly built with durability in mind.

​​​​​​​Our unique approach also includes a daisy-chain communication system. This transfers data between the Module Control Unit (MCU), which measures cell voltage and temperature, to the Battery Control Unit (BCU).  enables the observation, monitoring and control of battery operations, and the handling of functions such as contactor control and battery system voltage measurement.

​​​​​​​Why Choose AVL?

​​​​​​​AVL’s holistic approach to battery management system development consists of modular solutions that are cost-efficient and customizable. This scalable platform architecture is designed for easy integration for a variety of battery applications and can be adapted quickly to customer-specific needs. This saves further time and cost.

​​​​​​​AVL BMS solutions are designed to get the out of all types of batteries (e.g. Lithium-ion) while controlling all battery parameters to ensure safe operation. Our BMS Hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) testing solutions and prototype platform facilitate application on the testbed and in the vehicle.