Successful firefighting

AVL Stingray One

Highly effective extinguishing system brings burning vehicle batteries safely, efficiently, and quickly under control.

There are currently more than 10 million battery electric vehicles on the road worldwide. But how can a battery fire be brought under control? Firefighters and even car park operators need a reliable solution.

AVL List GmbH has developed an effective extinguishing system for burning vehicle batteries. The innovative system is able to extinguish battery fires after an accident or during charging, and even if the fire occurs in underground garages.

AVL Stingray One is an innovative system invented by AVL resulting from the culmination of its many years of expertise in the field of battery research and development. This ground-breaking system enables emergency services to bring burning vehicle batteries safely, efficiently, and quickly under control. It is characterized by its simple operation and handling and consists of a unit that only requires the connection of the extinguishing hose of the fire truck or a hydrant.

AVL Stingray One is a revolutionary and innovative new product that quickly, efficiently, and safely brings burning vehicle batteries under control for a range of incidents such as after accidents, at charging stations or in underground garages. For further information please contact Mr. Markus Elsner: markus.elsner@avl.com


  • Fast battery cool-down
  • Small and compact solution for simple handling
  • Effective cooling that fights the fire at the point of origin