Safety in vehicle electrification

AVL Battery Extinguishing System

A unique and versatile solution to battery testing safety challenges

Battery testing on modern testbeds faces a variety of safety problems. The most common method of extinguishing a battery fire or thermal runaway incident is to flood the testbed with enormous amounts of water in order to cool the battery to safe levels. This often leads to the damage or destruction of electrical equipment, test cell environment and is therefore far from ideal.

At AVL we have developed a unique battery extinguishing system to combat this issue. The system consists of two parts: A punch unit that opens the battery, allowing access for the cooling fluid, and a trolley that stores the technical equipment and control unit. The punch unit sits within the battery electric or hybrid vehicle during testing. Powered by compressed media, it aims directly at the battery through the floor of the vehicle. For larger or multiple batteries, you can install multiple punch units.

Increasing Safety in Battery Testing

Should an accident occur – for example, if the battery starts burning or reaches uncontrollable temperatures – the punch unit cuts a hole to make the battery core accessible. This allows the core to be cooled immediately with cooling fluid, whereas the cooling fluid would evaporate instantly.

Unlike other methods, this revolutionary system instantly goes to the source of the fire. This cuts down both the amount of cooling liquid required as well as the cooling time. It also reduces the impact on your testbed, which means that the aftermath of an accident is a lot less drastic. Testing can, therefore, begin again much sooner after an incident occurs.

Our new system provides a unique, highly effective battery cooling method for when tests go wrong, improving the safety for all involved. Furthermore, the AVL Battery Extinguishing System is small, compact and versatile, which makes it convenient for you to use on a variety of different testbeds.