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Electrification capabilities significantly increased

Press Release: AVL Graz to Receive Four Cutting- Edge Battery Test Systems

Covering an area of 400 sq. m, four new battery testing facilities, which will rank among the most advanced in Europe, are being erected by AVL List GmbH. By expanding its electric mobility testing center, AVL has become a driving force behind large-scale battery development, aiming at improved fulfilment of current and future customer requirements.

The automotive development process – from preliminary testing and design through to development and validation – plays a central role in fulfilling the high quality and safety standards for future batteries. In response to the ever increasing industrial requirements, four new battery testbeds are to be added to the AVL Test Center. They are expected to go into operation in spring 2018.

The most striking feature of the new testbeds results from the combination of the highest-possible test parameters voltage, power and temperature-changing speed in larger test chambers than previously – at present there is no other testbed that satisfies all of these specifications at such a high level. In future, the four state-ofthe- art testbeds will be covering the development of batteries up to 1200V – right now 450V batteries are standard (900V for premium-class vehicles). Measuring 4.5 by 3.3 meters, the thermal chamber even has the ability to test truck batteries. By expanding its e-mobility testing center, the experienced AVL battery team can support customers in the field of large-scale battery development in the most effective way possible.

AVL started developing lithium batteries for the global passenger car and commercial vehicle industry ten years ago. New technologies are being developed to support the optimal integration of all types of cells in batteries, and to make them suitable for large-scale production. To address battery validation, AVL already erected four battery testbeds with trendsetting 800-1000V-capabilities back in 2010. In 2012, AVL developed and implemented the “AVL CoupE” – the first 800-volt electric car (BEV). This was the concept vehicle for battery technologies for large-scale BEVs, which are to hit the market in the next few years.

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for the development, simulation and test engineering of drive systems (hybrid, combustion engines, transmissions, electric motors, batteries and software) for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and large engines. AVL has more than 8,600 employees all over the world. In 2016, sales revenues reached EUR 1.4 billion.