AVL Throttle Actuator COMPACT

The AVL Throttle Actuator Compact is a linear rotary screw (LRS) type throttle actuator used for controlling the mechanical throttle on an engine. The linear rotary screw type technology gives the Throttle Actuator excellent speed, force, and accuracy capabilities. The integrated controller allows for improved stability and accommodates a large input voltage range. The integrated mechanical flex-ball connection to the throttle and a pre-defined electrical connection to the automation system make it an excellent solution for engine control. The hardware component of the AVL Throttle Actuator Compact consists of the actuator with a push-pull cable and an integrated controller. All of the required power components and motion processors are contained in the actuator housing.

Benefits at a Glance

  • RS 485 connections for advanced configuration
  • Integrated LED indicators for actuator status
  • No external controller required
  • No tuning required for different load ranges connected


The THA-LRS Setup box allows a quickly and easily set of the zero and end position of the throttle actuator THA-LRS by using simple and reliable push buttons. It offers:

  • Quick, safe setup of the throttle actuator THA-LRS
  • Industrial device with reliable push-button operation

Technical Data

Throttle Actuator Design

Linear, Planetary lead screw design

Max force

890 N

Linear stroke

76.2 mm


1000 mm per second (full stroke in 0.076 seconds)

Flexball Cable

l = 1.5 meter, 101 mm bend radius, ball cage PTFE


UL and CE

Input Voltage

100 to 240 Volts AC nominal, single phase, speed specifications based on 230V line voltage

Dimensions (width x height x length)

140 mm x 182 mm x 418,6 mm

Maximum Operating temperature range

-20° to 65 °C

Degree of protection

IP 54



AVL, the technology leader for automotive testing systems, provides comprehensive know-how for basic testing requirements as well as at the highest levels of testing. Easy to use, functional and good value, AVL COMPACT™ is the best COMPACT solution in the market.

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