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The vehicle powertrain challenge: Post Euro-6 emission testing

Presenter: Kurt Engeljehringer
Language: English
June 8, 2020 4:00 PM CEST   60 mins
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New vehicle powertrain technologies—from pure internal combustion engines (ICE) to all types of hybrids up to battery and fuel cell electric vehicles—need to be handled in a modern emission and energy laboratory. Highly advanced exhaust aftertreatments systems, like Oxidation-Cat, 3Way-Cat, 4Way-Cat, DPF, GPF, LNT and SCR are applied to fulfil global and often fast-moving emission and energy consumption legislations.

In Europe, the process has begun to define the next level of emission standard, so called Post Euro-6. The European Commission has defined challenging targets, such as vehicles which are as clean as technically possible under all driving conditions with near zero emissions in cities. This means not only further reducing limits, but also implementing a whole new process for the entire useful life of the vehicle.

Development of this process will continue throughout this year and will most likely continue in subsequent years. But waiting until it is finished is not an option. Developing such vehicles will need more lead time and must start early. As a consequence, testing infrastructure and measurement equipment must be ready now.

In this free, hour-long Automotive World webinar, Kurt Engeljehringer, Principal Business Development Manager, Emissions Test Systems at AVL LIST gives an overview of the European Commission targets and the state of the discussions, and illustrates how Post Euro-6 emission testing can be done today.
date and duration
June 8, 2020 4:00 PM CEST
60 mins