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Smart City - Perfect example for End2End solutions to use data in an intelligent way

Presenter: Gerhard Schagerl, Theresa Keller
Language: English
May 19, 2020 4:00 PM CEST   60 mins
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Smart City is everywhere, and digitalization is becoming more and more important in our modern society.

Parking lots, infrastructure, charging stations and many others will be part of the connected eco system. All devices send and receive information for a perfect communication flow to the end user. Citizens expect to know the next free charging station, want to book a parking lot in advance and need to know the fastest route. The overall goal is, to make daily life easier and to save time spent on unnecessary things. Future scenarios can be secured through connectivity and an established data infrastructure. It is inevitable to have an intelligent processing of data and connected distribution of information.

End-to-end connections are essential. We need to start with the user, to the sensor and bring the data into the backend. This guarantees a smooth data flow enriched with information through intelligent usage of data. AVL simulation tools like CruiseM or products like Device.CONNECT can be used and integrated into the setup. Smart solutions help to reduce costs and allow the user to compare simulated data with real data. This is the base for optimization.

One AVL example will be shown in the webinar: Our Use Case of battery lifetime prediction and the consequent optimization of bus fleets saves operational costs for local public transport providers. It is a great example how smart city can be put into life. Our approach combines virtual and real environment to improve battery lifetime and bus routing. Our platform solution enable visualizations of the bus routes in the frontend, by using data from the backend. But it does not stop here: You can integrate every city, every bus line and adapt the parameters of the busses. Easy to use and effortlessly adaptable for every city!

Join our webinar and see how you can also benefit from the digitalization of your development environment!
date and duration
May 19, 2020 4:00 PM CEST
60 mins