AVL Webinar

Leverage Frontloading in Your Calibration Environment

Presenter: Ales Cvikl
Language: English
March 18, 2021 9:00 AM CET   60 mins
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"More calibration tasks in less time with limited budgets.” This difficult framework is motivating OEMs to frontload as many processes into a virtual environment as possible. AVL envisages to facilitate the working lives of calibration engineers by shifting major calibration tasks to MiL / SiL / HiL environments - and in this free webinar we will show you how.

We will present several calibration use cases where this has been successfully done, explaining the benefits compared to conventional approaches. Modeling is an important part of this process. We offer exciting software solutions which bring modeling closer to calibration engineers.

In this free webinar we will cover all vehicle types, ranging from conventional ICE, BEV, hybrids to fuel cell vehicles. Join us and take the chance to interact with our experts during a Live Q&A session.

Key topics and takeaways:
• Which calibration use cases can I cover in a virtual environment?
• How can I calibrate virtual control units with conventional calibration tools?
• What are the benefits of virtual vs. conventional calibration techniques?
• How can AVL CRUISE™ M assist me in creating and parametrizing virtual models?
• How does AVL see future calibration work distribution (MiL/ SiL, HiL, Testbed, Vehicle)?
date and duration
March 18, 2021 9:00 AM CET
60 mins