IndiCom Indicating Software

IndiCom is a software package in the field of combustion analysis that combines the control of data acquisition with professional data evaluation for clear graphical presentation.

AVL Approach

AVL provides a complete solution for combustion measurement from the sensor to data post-processing solutions. The interaction of devices in the overall measurement chain enables considerable improvements in test efficiency.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Powerful and flexible data acquisition tool for a wide range of applications in the field of powertrain development
  • Extensive online calculation capabilities
  • Easy and proven integration into any test cell automation environment with tailored and generic interfaces
  • Best measurement accuracy and reliability with a perfectly matched measurement chain, AVL Sensor Data Management and IndiCom measurement traceability

Key Features

Key features


Advanced and customizable User Interface:

  • Clear and easy data visualization enables quick understanding of the combustion process
  • Easy creation of professional layouts and reports

AVL CalcGraf:

  • Extensive calculation capabilities allow for implementation of customer-specific algorithms and methodologies

  • Calculations and measurement tasks can be standardized, easily managed, shared and applied to different test and engine setups


Real-time calculations:

  • Reliable delivery of cycle-by-cycle combustion characteristics allows safe testrun automation
  • Enables the usage of real-time controllers for drastic reduction of calibration time (e.g. torque mapping)
  • Ideal in combination with AVL CAMEO

Broad range of interfaces (e.g. CAN, OHITM, PUMA):

  • Easy integration into automation environment
  • Synchronized measurement of ECU and indicating information e.g. in vehicle

Plausibility check

  • Plausibility monitoring optimizes data quality and testfield efficiency

Sensor Data Management (SDM):


  • Error-free parameterization of the complete measurement chain, meaning optimized testbed efficiency
  • Sensor life-cycle monitoring allows optimal sensor usage and cost savings

Beyond indicating: AVL VisiolutionTM

  • Combination of classical pressure-based combustion analysis with optical information from video or fiber-optic based AVL Visiolution systems

  • For combustion system development and trouble shooting in the development process

  • The additional optical information provides quick and precise diagnostics