Fuel Cell technology and its requirements for testbeds

Presenter: Corine Siegel
Language: English
May 13, 2020 4:00 PM CEST   60 mins
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Understand Fuel Cell testbeds and their challenges

Global restrictions on CO2 emissions and the growing demand for green mobility are a major challenge for the automotive industry, but also for the industry in general.
Fuel cell technology is a promising technology to achieve CO2 target. However, it imposes some specific requirements on the test environment to ensure a time and cost-efficient fuel cell development. A state-of-the-art test environment must be able to combine the real fuel cell system on the testbed with a virtual vehicle to simulate real driving scenarios already in an early development phase.

In our webinar will give you an overview of the current situation and challenges in the fuel cell test bed environment. You will learn about the following main topics:
- Market demands
- How a fuel cell works?
- The different fuel cell technologies (PEMFC & SOFC) and their applications
- Fuel Cell in the automotive field
- Fuel Cell Testing Systems and Methods by AVL
- Future challenges for fuel cell development with regards to test field planning

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date and duration
May 13, 2020 4:00 PM CEST
60 mins