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Digital Twin Simulation for Accelerated Development of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Presenter: Mark Holdstock, Calibration Team Leader
Paul Havelock, Calibration Department Leader
Language: English
January 25, 2022 12:00 PM GMT   60 mins
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Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles will form a critical part of the effort to reduce global transport emissions and it will be critical to bring technology to market in the shortest possible time.
Embracing virtualisation through the creation of ‘Digital Twin’ fuel cell and vehicle simulations using the proven methodology of AVL CRUISE™ M allows development tasks to be front-loaded, enabling testbed time and prototype vehicle numbers to be reduced by taking advantage of a safe, highly reproducible and cost-effective environment. This webinar will focus on the creation and application of a ‘digital twin’ fuel cell system and vehicle model for an LCV application.

Key topics and takeaways:
• Detailed overview of AVL’s CRUISE™ M virtualization approach, with a focus on digital twin fuel cell electric vehicles
• How to transform the fuel cell system development process from hardware-centric to digital using simulation technologies and a proven methodology
• How to apply digital twin simulation models to improve system efficiency optimization
• How to increase the quality and utilisation of testbed equipment
date and duration
January 25, 2022 12:00 PM GMT
60 mins