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Join us on a ride, of digital product development

Digital Product Development with Driver in the Loop

Presenter: Kia Cammaerts and Gavin Farmer, Ansible Motion and Guillermo Pezzetto, AVL
Language: English
March 17, 2021 11:30 AM GMT   60 mins
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Our industry is driven by innovation and creative thinking, with a shared vision to drive the mobility trends of tomorrow. The xChange forum aims at connecting professionals in the automotive world on these trends.

We picked up the topic of digital product development in our pilot event ‘Digital Product Development’- as a challenge in concept, methodology, tools and organisation. With the next events we want to present you solutions in digital product development in a highly relevant area: driver or passenger in the loop systems.

In the 4 areas of

  • Vehicle Dynamics

  • Powertrain Calibration


  • Motorsports / Racing

These systems are used today to create products and to optimize them - fully digital or in a hybrid mode with some components in the loop. The forum discussion will be kicked off with a keynote by Kia Cammaerts and Gavin Farmer of Ansible Motion and Guillermo Pezzetto of AVL. We will introduce you into an area where digital product development is 100% accepted and implemented in the industry today. An area that is rapidly expanding as it

  • shortens time to market to time to performance

  • allows virtually any type of test scenarios that in real life could be dangerous or difficult to reproduce

  • avoids significant prototype cost

  • ascertains design success in a very early phase

  • avoids costly time at racetracks

date and duration
March 17, 2021 11:30 AM GMT
60 mins